The Fine Arts NYC History

The Fine Arts Building NYC
The Fine Arts Building NYC

This website used to be the home of The Fine Arts Building in NYC which housed twelve premier “to the trade” design showrooms on 59th Street between Second and Third Avenues. The handsome cast-iron building was built at the turn of the last century as a carriage house for Bloomingdale’s. Since its conversion by the previous owner in 1962, it attracted elite architects, designers, and their clients to a handful of the finest quality resources in fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, antiques, accessories, upholstery and carpets. The tenant roster included such highly respected names as Bennison, Chelsea Editions, Dessin Fournir, George Smith, Gerald Bland, Glyn Peter Machin, Julius Lowy Framing, Michael Dawkins, Promemoria, and Todd Alexander Romano.

What Now?

These artists forged names for themselves through dedication to their craft. At one point they were all unknown. It is in the spirit of the art spirit that pushes true artists forward to seek excellence, to reach unity with raw creative expression, to create because they have to create, to create because they love to create, that we have launched this site with the goal of highlighting the emerging artists of New York that are driven by the passion to create.

Are you one of these artists? If so we want to hear from you.